Having a hard time finding a rifle that fits your needs?

Evolution Weaponry is a manufacturer focused on building high quality, full custom AR15 style rifles to fit each of our customers exact needs. We do not build economy models or sell parts. We build working Ar15 style rifles that our customers can stake their lives on. Our goal is to provide the highest quality AR15 in the industry to each of our customers.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding a custom rifle and why you should chose Evolution Weaponry over our competition.

From time to time we have completed rifles for sale in the currently available section. Some examples of past work are displayed in the previous builds section.

Evolution Weaponry is offering firearms training courses locally. If you are in the Gainesville or Ocala area and are interested in getting your concealed carry permit or learning some defensive firearms tactics, Evolution Weaponry can help. We have classes for beginners as well as those looking for more advanced instruction. Small classes and experienced instructors with combat experience provide you with an exceptional learning opportunity. Our goal is to ensure you reach the desired skill level, not just provide you with a certificate.